Wednesday, March 7, 2012

New Girl Style: Injured

After last night's episode, I'm pretty sure we're getting close to Nick and Jess FINALLY getting together. I have been waiting for this since episode one, and I couldn't be more excited.

Last night's episode took a bit of a serious tone, without foregoing its usual humor. After Nick bruised his spine when Jess tackled him playing football, they went to Jess's OBGYN friend for a free exam. Of course, Nick resisted, but since he doesn't have a real job that comes with health insurance, he had no choice. When Jess's friend noticed he had a growth in his thyroid, Jess immediately panicked and thought the worst.

Later that night, while Nick was working at the bar, Jess, Schmidt, and Winston all sat staring at him with somber faces. They then proceeded to Web MD search his symptoms (which you should never do BTDubs) and their search came up with Thyroid Tumor, aka cancer. Of course all of them believe this, and when they show it to Nick, Jess challenges him to do something that he's always wanted to do.

They all, then, end up at the beach, drunk. The boys run into the water naked, and they all have a wonderful time. Jess and Nick sit down and talk for awhile and finally they all fall sleep on the sand. When they wake up the next morning, they all head to Nick's scheduled ultrasound, expecting the worst news. Of course, he comes out alright and healthy, but it seems he's taken a new perspective on things.

Although Nick can't remember most of the night due to his pain killers and alcohol mixing, I think he can sense the moment that he and Jess shared at the beach when he asks her, "What happened last night?" and they just stare into each other's eyes ;)

Jess's outfit last night when they went out to the beach was so cute. We didn't get much of a view of her dress, but I could tell it was a long sleeve navy blue shirt dress. I personally love this shirt dress from ModCloth so much. It's a new arrival and I am keeping my eye on it. Jess's fuchsia coat is what really made the outfit last night. She always knows how to make a statement with what she wears, and this was no exception! 

Memorable quotes

“You’re walking like a Disney witch” – Jess

“Are you using your best friend’s medical crisis to feel my boobs with your face?” – CeCe

"Nick: I don't have a vagina.
Patient: You can take mine.
Jess: I heard that, sister.
Patient: True that."

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A Moment of Silence

For the rise of Fun.

(We still love you Fun. don't take this the wrong way or anything.)

Also you know you are Awkward and Adorkable when you have too much fun looking up reaction gifs. Prepare for more to come muhuhahahahahaha

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

New Girl Style: Bully

Last night's episode of New Girl was funny, but not quite as good as some previous episodes.

The Schmidt/Cece thing continues past that first night, although Cece continues to claim that each time is the "last time." Apparently Schmidt is actually pretty good at what he does, living up to the big game he talks. Who knew?

But Cece doesn't want any of it to reach the other roommates, which involves a lot of sneaking in and out of the apartment and agonizing over where to have sex and when. At a point, Schmidt is even left in the car with the window cracked open while Cece goes into a party.
In the end, though, we get a relatively cute moment (as cute as it's going to get with Schmidt, anyway), as he admits that yes, he wants to show Cece off a bit, but only because she's the "ballsiest," "bitchiest," "most beautiful" woman he's ever sexed up ("dopest" and "flyest" are in there too).

Things don't go quite so well romantically for Nick, who agonizes over the significance of Julia sending him a cactus. He assumes it's a challenge to him because of his inability to take care of a plant, but really it's the 7 increasingly drunk and angry messages he leaves Julia that cause her to break up with him. Nick sorta loses his mind, carrying the cactus around with him and walking around with a creepy fake smile at all times. I am excited, however, because I still hope the Nick and Jess will be together some day, and I am glad to have Julia out of the way.

Jess spends the episode dealing with a bully problem at her school: a young man named Nathaniel is the butt of many jokes, unfortunately it's rightfully so, and Jess doesn't make it much better when she sings a duet with him. However, she does pull much of the bullying away from Nathaniel and towards her, as one of her students makes a mean YouTube video out of her performance. That leads Jess to break the girl's science fair project, but it all turns out okay because the principal welcomes Jess to the fold as a "child-hater." Ah, the joys of teachers.

So, not a very eventful week for Jess, but Schmidt is becoming a more developed character, which is fun to watch.

Jess's outfit this week is a perfect mix of stripes and polka dots. And I don't care that Jess "rocks a lot of polka dots," because I enjoy them. I find this sweater she is wearing here absolutely to die for, and I wish I knew where I could get one. 

For my version of the outfit, I went with a bit of a different color scheme. The skirt has many different bright colors in the stripes, but the black background brings them all together in a subtle way. The sweater is a great way to mix stripes with stripes, because the sweater is almost a neutral, with the tiny and spare aqua stripes. The sweater, I am absolutely in love with. I am loving bright green for spring, and it pairs well with the colors in the sweater and the skirt. The flats are some basic ones, because there's so much already happening in the outfit, and the earrings are an adorable pair I found at Modcloth on sale recently :)

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Blogger Style: Emily

Emily from Cupcakes and Cashmere is one of my favorite fashionistas. She has such a cute and laid back, yet always on trend LA style, that I try to emulate in my own life.

I channeled this look in particular when I got dressed this morning, of course adding my own style and flair to make it me.

I apologize for the awkward bathroom mirror photo.
My camera had died.

When I saw Emily's picture, I immediately thought of my own asymmetrical fishtail skirt, and went from there. I love this skirt for days like today, it was warm and sunny, with a little bit of a breeze, that just really gives life to the skirt without the fear of it flying up and showing everyone your undies. I paired it with my beloved striped crop top, since the skirt was so high waisted. Originally, I was going to stop there, but I was feeling a little too boxy, so I added my bright red belt for a pop of color. It also helps to draw attention to the smallest part of my body. Since most of the outfit was pretty toned down, I added my leopard flats (I have a thing for pairing red and leopard together). 

Now my outfit for you is even a little different than what I wore, simply because polyvore gives my access to more clothing than my closet could ever handle. I stuck with the asymmetrical skirt because it is what makes each outfit unique. For this one, I also stuck with the striped top theme because stripes are a never ending trend, and I went with the tie knot because you can expose as little or as much skin as you feel comfortable with. I added some killer Marc by Marc Jacobs heels which I could never afford in my lifetime, but there are always cute tan wedges out there.  I wanted to keep with the leopard print because I have been really into it lately, so I decided to add it in the form of a cute clutch. I also threw in a mimic of Emily's chic, but messy bun, and a teeny tiny ring, because I have been obsessed with those lately as well :)

The Rise of Fun.

I'm one of those kids who always claims "I liked your favorite band before they were famous." On occasion, it's true. One of my favorite bands is becoming popular, with the release of their new album Some Nights coming out today. What really helped to get them notice was their first single from this album, We Are Young, which has appeared on Glee, as well as in Superbowl car commercials. I'm very proud of them, but at the same time I don't want them to be sellouts, and I definitely don't want little teeny boppers at their concerts. 

I first discovered Fun last summer, when they opened for Panic! at the Disco's Vices and Virtues tour. When I first heard them, I had no idea who they were. I did, however, recognize the main singer's voice. That man is Nate Ruess, formerly of The Format. The Format was a super indie hipster band, that was together for 9 years, and didn't really make it big on the mainstream, but I loved all of their music, thanks to the musical education I received from my older step sister. When they broke up, I was very upset about it. Probably too much so. But when I was standing in the House of Blues crowd listening to him on stage once again, I suddenly had hope. The songs were all great, and they've been on my regular everyday playlists since. 

When I heard their song on Glee, I almost cried. And then when I heard their song in a car commercial, I may have flung around the word "sell-outs," a couple of times. I've since come to terms that they are just too good to be oppressed, and I guess they really do deserve to make some money off their talents. 

Please listen to the album! It's only $9 on iTunes, and every single song is so upbeat and motivational, and well, fun. I can't wait to see them on tour again!

Monday, February 20, 2012

5 Things

So because I hate Mondays so much, I've decided that every Monday I'm gonna post 5 of my favorite things, just to remind myself that not everything is so bad when you have to wake up at 6:30 am on Monday morning :)

1. Lavender Lipstick

This is a spring trend that I am very excited about. I can't pull of the pastel clothing trends, it just looks awful on me, but lipstick I can do. Especially since I've been getting bored with my beauty routine.

2. Incredibooth

I've recently discovered Incredibooth, and I'm obsessed. It's an iphone app that acts as a photobooth and takes four pictures in a row, then allows you to add effects and share them. As you can see, Viki and I like to spend our free time sending each other odd ones...

3. Coffee

Without coffee, I would not be able to get up most mornings. I have tried to quit drinking it several times, and that just doesn't seem to be an option for me.

4. Hot pink nails

I had the urge to paint my nails hot pink the other night, and I'm really excited about it. Now every time I look down at my hand, I get this burst of color that literally brightens my day.

5. Kate Upton

When I first heard about the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition cover model, I completely wrote her off as another mindless model. When I saw her on SNL this weekend, I started to have some respect for her. She's not stick thin, she actually has some curves and visible body fat, and she's okay with it. Much respect, Kate. 

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sunday Splurge: Bejeweled Flats

I have been looking for a new pair of black flats, since my $13 Target ones have finally died out. I was searching my favorite website, Modcloth, when I suddenly came across these in the 'New Arrivals' section. They aren't exactly plain, but because a lot of my wardrobe is neutral colors with pops of brights in the accessories, I'm thinking these shoes will help add some pop to every single outfit.

Now, because my job isn't paid right now, I'm gonna have to either wait to buy these, or beg my mom for a little bit of extra money. But I'm kind of willing to do that for these flats, because there's no doubt in my mind that they're going to sell out quick. So go get your pair today, while they still have your size!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Adorkable Men We Love: Darren Criss

You may recognize this kid from his current stint on the wonderful show, Glee. Some of you may also recognize him from his debut as Harry in the Very Potter Musical (much cuter than Daniel Radcliffe). This week's Adorkable Man We Love is the one and only, Darren Criss.

Like many aspiring artists, Darren began to express himself at a very young age. At the age of five, he began taking violin lessons and continued his classical training up through university. He eventually learned many other instruments, mastering the guitar, piano, cello, mandolin, harmonica, and drums.At the age of ten, he was accepted into the American Consercatory Theater, where he spent his formative years studying theater performance. 

After writing and starring in The Very Potter Musical in 2009, he made his Broadway debut, replacing Daniel Radcliffe in, How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying. During his 11 month stay on the show, it was the highest grossing the performances had ever been. Since then, Darren has sky-rocketed into fame with the help of Glee, becoming the wonderfully musical man we desperately want to marry. 

There are a few things I have learned about Darren in the past year that have made me believe he is truly adorkable and down to earth. It makes me wish there were guys just like him who were actually attainable. 

1. He does his own Disney song covers.

Even with that shaggy hair, I'd marry him in two seconds flat. Especially considering my obsession with Disney.

2. He supports the LGBTQ community to the ultimate power.

Homophobia is a huge turnoff for me, considering I go to fashion school and get most of my advice from gay men. You gotta love a man who can be comfortable enough with his own sexuality, to fight for the rights for others to express their own sexual orientation.

3. He's the sexiest man alive...

Need I say more?

In case you wanted to learn some more about this beautiful dork:

Friday, February 17, 2012

They'll Put a Spell on You...

Girl Scout cookies have some sort of power over me. Every time cookie season rolls around, I can't say no. Whenever I leave a grocery store, one of those little girls will ask me in her Tinkerbell fairy voice,"Would you like to buy some Girl Scout cookies?" and I always say yes. Even if I have five boxes in my freezer at home. That was modest, I have 8 boxes. I have bought nine boxes of cookies in the last week, and I've already eaten one whole box. I have a problem. 

 My theory is that the Girl Scouts are actually a secret cult. I believe this because I was a girl scout for one while year in the fifth grade, and ever since then, I have to get my fix of cookies every year, and I can't say no. Either they brainwash you, or the other theory is crack as one of the main ingredients. Either way, the Scouts will be getting a lot of my money this year, and god help me if I have to see them set up outside another grocery store. 

 My number one flavor this year is the beautifully delicious Tagalongs, followed by Thin Mints of course. And I'm actually diggin' their new Savannah Smiles lemon cookies. I'm a huge fan of lemon flavored sweets :) What's your favorite cookie?

Thursday, February 16, 2012

I am Inadequate

Dude. I watched this today because I heard about it on Making it With Riki Lindhome and I feel not good enough, but you know what I can't sit and complain I have done nothing to practice acting. I am going to work harder.

Cozy School Day Blues

It's an awkward face, but I was proud of my outfit today :)

It's been pretty cold down in San Diego, so lately I just want to feel really cozy. At the same time, however, I was feeling unattractive in large coats and sweaters, so I added a visible crop top to show the tiniest bit of skin. Add some heeled booties for a bit of a butt lift, and you're ready for a day of classes during these windy winter times.
top   cardigan  jeggings  booties  coat  tote

The top is actually the same one I am wearing in the picture, a great value. The cable knit cardigan can add some extra warmth, and if it's really cold, the coat will keep you nice and toasty. The benefit of jeggings is that they are cozy enough for lazy days, but keep you from looking sloppy in sweatpants. The tote is Jason Wu for Target, which is sold out online, but still possibly at some stores. It is my new favorite item right now, and I use it to lug around all my school supplies!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Successful Alcoholics

Upon listening to another podcast today called Making it With Riki Lindhome ("What another podcast? You need to get a life..." "Yeah I know person in my head.") and one of my favorite comedians T.J. Miller was talking about a short film he made. This is said short film and I loved it. I like the whole idea of it, and the end is a bit ambiguous and I have mixed feelings about it, but overall I think it is great. I hope T.J. is at the Doug Loves Movies Taping and that I can befriend him someday. He looks like this guy I sorta dated. Observe:
T.J. Miller
Guy I Sorta Dated

The resemblance is uncanny. I am weird and think of these things. Anyways go watch Successful Alcoholics and look up T.J. Miller's stand up comedy. He is great.

New Girl Style Inspiration

No woman in Hollywood is as awkward and adorkable as one Zooey Deschanel, who also happens to be my lady crush and style idol. Every week, I'll recap the latest New Girl Episode highlights, and craft an outfit effervescent of the lovely Jess Day herself. :)
Last night's episode of New Girl was one for the record books. Each character had their own romantic or not-so-romantic storyline, and multiple catchphrases to keep me laughing so hard that I cried a lil' bit. Jess started of the episode disgusted by Nick and Julia's necking, since this would be her first single Valentine's Day in 6 years. 
Jess: I have to go out tonight, 'cause I'm feeling pretty twirly.
Schmidt: Twirly? Is that like horny?
Jess: I've got the dirty twirlies, Schmitdy!"

She declared that she was going to go out that night and find some "one night sex," even packing an overnight bag and a 100-pack box of condoms for the occasion. Cece quickly reminded Jess that she can't have a one night stand due to her easy emotion attachment. Nevertheless, Jess ends up almost sleeping with Schmidt, Nick catches her before she can act on it and tells her what a terrible idea that would be. Only to leave us with the fact that Cece and Schmidt were in Schmidt's room getting ready to do that naughty, Cece claiming:
CeCe: If someone catches us, then I'm going to say that you're drugging me, and it's my word against yours.
Schmidt: Okay, yeah, that makes sense
I'm still waiting for the day when jess and Nick will be together. Oh well, now for Style!

Jess's outfit last night was a super sexy one, because she has the "twirlie's" and was lookin' for a man to have some "one night sex" with. This is a fanastic outfit for wearing on a night out with the girls, or a romantic date with your boyfriend, and even though Valentine's Day is over, there's never a reason not to feel sexy!

All items from Modcloth

I decided to stick to the mostly black palette of Jess's outfit, since accessories can say a lot. The 'Raven' top is a basic black tee with a bit of a twist at the neckline, which I absolutely love. The highwaisted black shorts are a staple that every girl should have in her wardrobe, and they add the perfect amount of texture to the outfit, without going to crazy. Basic black tights can help protect from the cold (or cover unshaven legs), and the knee high black boots are always sexy. I added the heart shaped earrings for a little pop of color with the red, contrast with the white, or neutrality with the black. And I added the newspaper print clutch for some more interesting texture, as well as a tribute to Jess's old timer newspaper man voice :)

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Forever Alone

Today is Valentine's Day/Singles Awareness Day/Anna Howard Shaw Day and on this day I am single. However due to reasons unbeknowgst to me I am fine with it. Maybe it is because I have started doing more things alone and being fine with it. Mostly because I really want to do cool stuff and have no one to go with, so I just go. The reason I gave you that long explanation was because I am going to something else by myself in a few weeks and am actually really excited! I am going to a Doug Loves Movies taping. Anybody who likes comedians and movies should listen to this podcast. It is quite hilarious. Today at work I was laughing to myself like a cracked out hobo, because this show is so freaking funny. So that is all. I am going to see this taped and could not be more excited. I hope some of my favorite comedians are there and that I get chosen to be represented in a game. I don't need no man to do cool stuff!

Listen to some! Understand my love.

'The Bachelor' says the Darndest Things

Courtney and her crazy eyes

If you haven't been watching 'The Bachelor' this season, I'd say it's time to jump on the bandwagon. I, myself, have never watched an episode of the show before in my life, until I heard from some friends at school about the crazy shenanigans of one Courtney Robertson. Courtney is a model from Santa Monica, that should say it all right there. In the first episode that I watched, Courtney repeated that she was "winning," very much like Charlie Sheen started to on his druggy rants. Courtney has only gone downhill from there, treating this love matching show as purely a competitive game, using strategies to get this seasons Bachelor, Ben, to notice her.

 In last night's episode, after complaining about "losing the spark" with Ben, and "deserving another one on one date," Courtney got her way and was chosen to spend some alone time with Ben. I thought for sure that she was just going to take herself out of the running, but once he told Ben how she was feeling, he quickly reassured her that he wanted to be with her and meet her family the next week, and once she saw her self as "winning" once again, she told him the spark was back and she was excited to be with him. As an awkward woman, the moment that really upset me in last night's episode was when Ben told Courtney that he felt he needed a woman who was "weird" because he himself is a weird guy. Courtney is weird alright, but now in the cute Star Wars loving, awkward moment attracting, adorkable kind of way (in the way that the authors of this blog are). No, Courtney is weird in the marry you for fame, then divorce you and take half of your money, crazy kind of way.

 I really hope that the producers are just telling Ben to keep Courtney on the show for dramatic effect, because she's sure good for that. But I think once Ben picks Kacie (a true awkward and adorkable girl) and Courtney goes home, men will see how crazy she is and she'll die an old, retired model with 10 cats.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Meet the authors!

Being our first post, we thought it'd be a good idea to introduce ourselves :)

My name is Harley (on the right), and no, my last name is not Davidson. I am a first year student at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising, also known as FIDM or "that school LC dropped out of." Either way, it's a wonderful school to be at. I hope that one day I can work with a company like Anthropologie (my favorite museum) or ModCloth (where I was recently accepted as a ModSquad Style Ambassador for 2012!). My style icon, as of now, is Zooey Deschanel, and there is no doubt in my mind that there will be many posts about how amazing that woman is. When I'm not hanging out at school or doing my hours and hours of homework, I love to take pictures, bake, watch movies, go to Disneyland, have lightsaber fights, and crochet. I also love to take my adorable puppets, Jinx, to the dog park, or using her as an excuse to get a hike in! I've also recently accepted that I'm a socially awkward person, and that's never gonna change so I am fully embracing it!

Hi I’m Viki. I know it is hard to believe because I rock a mustache so nicely but I am indeed a girl. Not your average girl however I’m nerdy and like far more boy things (keep your mind out of the gutter children) than girly things. I am a second year film student at California State University Long Beach or a poor man’s USC. I am studying film and will be a writer/director/actress someday in the near future. I am working on it. Now a list of my favorite things so you can see just how weird and all over the place I am: Jesus, Lord of the Rings and Star Wars, Zachary Levi, Video games, guns, Jason Reitman and all his movies, Led Zeppelin, being a gangsta, tacos, Disneyland, The Nerdist Podcast, Ella Enchanted (the book not the crappy movie), stand up comedy, Patton Oswalt, Bo Burnham, Daniel Tosh, The Princess Bride, ballet, Chipotle, Jon Acuff, satire, sarcasm, Greg Proops, Disney movies, and Jesus again. I gave up half way there is too much. You will learn the more you read. I love you already for reading this. Let’s be friends.