Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Forever Alone

Today is Valentine's Day/Singles Awareness Day/Anna Howard Shaw Day and on this day I am single. However due to reasons unbeknowgst to me I am fine with it. Maybe it is because I have started doing more things alone and being fine with it. Mostly because I really want to do cool stuff and have no one to go with, so I just go. The reason I gave you that long explanation was because I am going to something else by myself in a few weeks and am actually really excited! I am going to a Doug Loves Movies taping. Anybody who likes comedians and movies should listen to this podcast. It is quite hilarious. Today at work I was laughing to myself like a cracked out hobo, because this show is so freaking funny. So that is all. I am going to see this taped and could not be more excited. I hope some of my favorite comedians are there and that I get chosen to be represented in a game. I don't need no man to do cool stuff!

Listen to some! Understand my love.

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