Friday, February 17, 2012

They'll Put a Spell on You...

Girl Scout cookies have some sort of power over me. Every time cookie season rolls around, I can't say no. Whenever I leave a grocery store, one of those little girls will ask me in her Tinkerbell fairy voice,"Would you like to buy some Girl Scout cookies?" and I always say yes. Even if I have five boxes in my freezer at home. That was modest, I have 8 boxes. I have bought nine boxes of cookies in the last week, and I've already eaten one whole box. I have a problem. 

 My theory is that the Girl Scouts are actually a secret cult. I believe this because I was a girl scout for one while year in the fifth grade, and ever since then, I have to get my fix of cookies every year, and I can't say no. Either they brainwash you, or the other theory is crack as one of the main ingredients. Either way, the Scouts will be getting a lot of my money this year, and god help me if I have to see them set up outside another grocery store. 

 My number one flavor this year is the beautifully delicious Tagalongs, followed by Thin Mints of course. And I'm actually diggin' their new Savannah Smiles lemon cookies. I'm a huge fan of lemon flavored sweets :) What's your favorite cookie?

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