Tuesday, February 14, 2012

'The Bachelor' says the Darndest Things

Courtney and her crazy eyes

If you haven't been watching 'The Bachelor' this season, I'd say it's time to jump on the bandwagon. I, myself, have never watched an episode of the show before in my life, until I heard from some friends at school about the crazy shenanigans of one Courtney Robertson. Courtney is a model from Santa Monica, that should say it all right there. In the first episode that I watched, Courtney repeated that she was "winning," very much like Charlie Sheen started to on his druggy rants. Courtney has only gone downhill from there, treating this love matching show as purely a competitive game, using strategies to get this seasons Bachelor, Ben, to notice her.

 In last night's episode, after complaining about "losing the spark" with Ben, and "deserving another one on one date," Courtney got her way and was chosen to spend some alone time with Ben. I thought for sure that she was just going to take herself out of the running, but once he told Ben how she was feeling, he quickly reassured her that he wanted to be with her and meet her family the next week, and once she saw her self as "winning" once again, she told him the spark was back and she was excited to be with him. As an awkward woman, the moment that really upset me in last night's episode was when Ben told Courtney that he felt he needed a woman who was "weird" because he himself is a weird guy. Courtney is weird alright, but now in the cute Star Wars loving, awkward moment attracting, adorkable kind of way (in the way that the authors of this blog are). No, Courtney is weird in the marry you for fame, then divorce you and take half of your money, crazy kind of way.

 I really hope that the producers are just telling Ben to keep Courtney on the show for dramatic effect, because she's sure good for that. But I think once Ben picks Kacie (a true awkward and adorkable girl) and Courtney goes home, men will see how crazy she is and she'll die an old, retired model with 10 cats.

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