Wednesday, February 22, 2012

New Girl Style: Bully

Last night's episode of New Girl was funny, but not quite as good as some previous episodes.

The Schmidt/Cece thing continues past that first night, although Cece continues to claim that each time is the "last time." Apparently Schmidt is actually pretty good at what he does, living up to the big game he talks. Who knew?

But Cece doesn't want any of it to reach the other roommates, which involves a lot of sneaking in and out of the apartment and agonizing over where to have sex and when. At a point, Schmidt is even left in the car with the window cracked open while Cece goes into a party.
In the end, though, we get a relatively cute moment (as cute as it's going to get with Schmidt, anyway), as he admits that yes, he wants to show Cece off a bit, but only because she's the "ballsiest," "bitchiest," "most beautiful" woman he's ever sexed up ("dopest" and "flyest" are in there too).

Things don't go quite so well romantically for Nick, who agonizes over the significance of Julia sending him a cactus. He assumes it's a challenge to him because of his inability to take care of a plant, but really it's the 7 increasingly drunk and angry messages he leaves Julia that cause her to break up with him. Nick sorta loses his mind, carrying the cactus around with him and walking around with a creepy fake smile at all times. I am excited, however, because I still hope the Nick and Jess will be together some day, and I am glad to have Julia out of the way.

Jess spends the episode dealing with a bully problem at her school: a young man named Nathaniel is the butt of many jokes, unfortunately it's rightfully so, and Jess doesn't make it much better when she sings a duet with him. However, she does pull much of the bullying away from Nathaniel and towards her, as one of her students makes a mean YouTube video out of her performance. That leads Jess to break the girl's science fair project, but it all turns out okay because the principal welcomes Jess to the fold as a "child-hater." Ah, the joys of teachers.

So, not a very eventful week for Jess, but Schmidt is becoming a more developed character, which is fun to watch.

Jess's outfit this week is a perfect mix of stripes and polka dots. And I don't care that Jess "rocks a lot of polka dots," because I enjoy them. I find this sweater she is wearing here absolutely to die for, and I wish I knew where I could get one. 

For my version of the outfit, I went with a bit of a different color scheme. The skirt has many different bright colors in the stripes, but the black background brings them all together in a subtle way. The sweater is a great way to mix stripes with stripes, because the sweater is almost a neutral, with the tiny and spare aqua stripes. The sweater, I am absolutely in love with. I am loving bright green for spring, and it pairs well with the colors in the sweater and the skirt. The flats are some basic ones, because there's so much already happening in the outfit, and the earrings are an adorable pair I found at Modcloth on sale recently :)

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